Nationwide Care Plus

Winter Edition 2021

We hope everyone is staying nice, warm, and safe in this chilly winter that has begun. We would like to welcome all new staffs and participants to the Nationwide family.

We are excited to have you all onboard!
I would also like to thank our staffs for all their hard work end efforts throughout all seasons and really making a difference in our participants’ lives. And it is so warming to know that our staff are in this industry for all the right reasons, and this is reflecting on our participants’ faces and developments.

At Nationwide we are continuing with all COVID safe practices to ensure everyone is kept safe and we appreciate every one’s compliance. This is the only way we can beat it together and hopefully go back to how it was.

This winter we have a lot of exciting projects coming through and will keep you posted. We will share only one as a little teaser, look out for our amazing new day program that will be called “The Nationwide Leisure and Recreation centre.” This new centre will be mind-blowing and unexpected to all our participants. Also sharing another positive news, we have made efforts and are waiting for DA approval for making our Strathfield centre more accessible for people with disabilities. In addition, we are working on our own SDA building which will be accessible! So, keep tuned to get more updates.

I would like to finish off by saying thank you once again and looking forward to the upcoming exciting things Nationwide will be bringing to you all.