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Recreation and Leisure Centre

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Recreation and Leisure Center at Nationwide Care Plus

Can be provided on an individual or group basis. It is delivered flexibly and is centred on what the participant wants and reflect their changing needs. Activities are provided during the day, evening and weekends. The group-based programs operate on a leisure and recrea­tion base and focus on skill development. Aiming to achieve community integration and participation through various recreational activities.

Each individual program of activities are centred on their own unique goals and interests with overall goal of increasing their independence and skills. Each participant is encouraged to explore their dream for their life and establishing meaningful interpersonal networks in their local community.

What type of activities and programs does Nationwide Care Plus have?

The values of Nationwide Care Plus is to deliver exceptionally high quality standards of service that exceeds our client’s expectations. Nationwide Care Plus has established a professional reputation for services high in standard and quality care in the industry of Aged Care, Community and Disability care throughout the Sydney Metropolitan and lower Blue Mountain area. Bringing along 14 years’ extensive experience and insight.

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